Sailor Moon x Bee and PuppyCat = Sailor Bee!

(credit: Arielle)


kids just wanna have fun

oh goshh my fr Iend got her dad and brother to go out looking for me when I told her I was lost looking for her house and that my phone was at 1% and she was worried I was so scared it was hella dark and they found me omggg I love her such a gokd friend

Today I will do a sponsored giveaway by Showishes~!

I honestly wanted to do a giveaway once I reached 5k, although I am almost hitting 7k so I thought it was a good reason to host my second giveaway. (❁´▽`❁)*✲゚*

The prize this time will be a galaxy seifuku set in blue or purple


  • Winners will be chosen randomly by!
  • Likes will be ignored, but you may use it as bookmark
  • You can reblog is as much as you want. But please, be considerate of your followers when reblogging this post
  • No giveaway blogs I will take time to check out all the blogs carefully. 
  • Unfollowers will be disqualified from future giveaways
  • Do not remove text
  • And for the winner, keep your ask box open. The winner also has 48 hours to claim prize, if not new winner will be chosen.
  • The giveaway will end on 1 September (My birthday~) ヽ(;▽;)ノ

Good luck~!



Sharon without eyebrows!

Mackey is fuckin ascending to a new plane of existance

/wants to draw sp fanart to all lana del rey songs/


Heya! I’m lawliwa (or Bonnie if ya want) and I’m opening official commissions for the first time!

A couple big (negative) things have recently happened in my family, so I’m finally coming around to doing this to raise a couple bucks for me and my little brother :’>

I have 3 slots open for now (If I do get more than that, I could make an exception) and will open more as soon as the first ones are finished.

If you’re interested, please shoot me an ask here on my tumblr, or send me an email at (which is also my paypal)
in the message please include what you want to be drawn, and any references you can provide :-)) I’m trying not to limit what I am able to draw for commissions, so right now almost anything goes (gore/furry/nsfw) and prices may change slightly. If I believe I am unable to draw your request, I will message you and refund you if you have already paid me.

donations from even $1 would also be super appreciated and I’d be so grateful. if you do donate, send it to my paypal at

For any other questions or information you can also email me at the same email address from above

thank you!!!!!!!!!