I might fall apart this week

Stay tuned !


muse: studio albums (1999-2012)



Rotatable 3D models for artists

Includes torso, head, foot, and various hand poses - select from menu on the right!


turns out you’re wrong, sherlock holmes. i don’t do any kind of farming or professionally take care of dogs or anything you said. i threw on all this shit to see which and how many wild assumptions you’d make about me from one random glance, like an asshole. and you did. you made so many assumptions about my life just by taking one look, you asshole. here’s an assumption for you: sherlock holmes is a huge jackass


South Park fans don’t want offensive humour South Park fans want Wendyl and canon Style


"i ship stan and wendy" 

a sentence that will get you two totally different reactions in the south park and gravity falls fandoms

because fuck me right